CNC – Bonsai

The objective for this project is to create a mold that will produce a planter for a bonsai tree. After initial sketching and research a 3D model of the planter was created.

bonsai_journal-8 bonsai_journal-6

Now that the planter is designed to specification (draft angles, size) a mold must be made that will produce this object. Using Rhino a 2 part mold was created around the planter.


From here the mold negative was imported into Mastercam. All the tool-paths were written to make the two parts of the mold (in this case top and bottom) out of a single piece of foam stock.

bonsai_journal-2 bonsai_journal-3 bonsai_journal-4

Foam was used for this application as it is a cheaper and faster to cut than an alternative materials such as hardwood or aluminum. This process will yield fast and inexpensive results to prototype a plaster model of the bonsai planter design. bonsai_journal-10

See more images of the planter on the project page.