CNC – Wood Clock

Currently working on a wood clock design demonstrating the capabilities of CNC machining. The project is modeled in Rhino v5. The tool path is then created using Mastercam x6. The project will be machined using a Techno 4896 CNC router. The assignment details as fallows:

Design Considerations:

Projects can incorporate both CNC and traditional processes
Projects must be milled from hardwood
Projects can incorporate materials and components in addition to the milled wood component
Project must be 2 sided, incorporating “flip milling” – mill one side, then flip over and mill the other side
Stock must be rectangular and have a volume no greater than 768 cubic inches

Production Considerations:

3.5 hours of machining time
2 machining operations (top and bottom)



Concepts – Modeling

clock_journal-13 clock_journal-1 clock_journal-2

Final Design Rendering

clock_journal-7 clock_journal-8

Final Design – Rhino Viewport

clock_journal-12 clock_journal-11 clock_journal-11 clock_journal-10 clock_journal-9

CNC Machining

clock_journal-3 clock_journal-4 clock_journal-5 clock_journal-6

Finished Clock Design

Clock-14 Clock-8 Clock-4 Clock-6 Clock-9

See more images of the clock on the project page.